July 12-14, 2017
13th Summer Liege Workshop XII Bled Workshop
Bled Gran sasso liege bled
15 to 24 july, 2008 1 to 3 october, 2008 2 to 5 july, 2009 15 to 24 july, 2009
"Cosmology and
particle physics of
the new stable
family of quarks
and leptons"
"13th Summer Institute on Astroparticle-Physics" "Introduction to cosmoparticle physics, online transmission from University of Liege" "What comes beyond the standard model?"
Bled, Slovenia Gran Sasso, Italy Liege, Belgium Bled, Slovenia
XIII Bled Workshop XIV Bled Workshop The European Roadmap PCCP Workshop
12 to 22 july, 2010 11 to 21 july, 2011 21 to 22 November, 2011 2 March, 2012
Bled, Slovenia Bled, Slovenia Paris, France Paris, France
"What comes beyond the standard model?" "What comes beyond the standard model?"   "Tests and theories of Lorentz symmetry violations"
XV Bled Workshop FPC 2012 Workshop XVI Bled Workshop
Workshop_on_Microwave_Spectral_Polarimetry bled 2013
july, 2012 10 to 14 september, 2012 11 to 12 december, 2012 14 to 21 july, 2013
"What comes beyond the standard model?" "Precision Physics and Fundamental Physical Constants" "on
Microwave Spectral Polarimetry"
"What comes beyond the standard model?"
Bled, Slovenia High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia Paris, France Bled, Slovenia
Zeldovich-100 Meeting Conference YaB-100 XVII Bled Workshop Conference at MSU
March 10-14, 2014 March 20, 2014 July 20-28 2014 July 1, 2015
"Subatomic particles, Nucleons, Atoms, Universe: Processes and Structure International conference in honor of Ya. B. Zeldovich 100th Anniversary?" "Conference YaB-100, dedicated to 100 Anniversary of Yakov Borisovich Zeldovich?" "What comes beyond the standard model?" "Cosmoparticule physics of dark matter and structures in the Universe"
Minsk, Belarus Moscow, Russia Bled, Slovenia Moscow, Russia
XVIII Bled Workshop MEPHI
July 15-17, 2015 October 5-10, 2015 December 25, 2015 June 21-23, 2016
"What comes beyond the standard model?" The International Conference on Particle Physics and Astrophysics  Workshop under Ya.B.Zeldovich OSA Russian R Astrophysics Highlights 2015  Dark Ages and White Nights (Spectroscopy of the CMB)
Bled, Slovenia Moscow, Russia Moscow, Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia
XIX Bled Workshop MEPHI
XX Bled Workshop  
July 14-15, 2015 December 12-16, 2016 July 12-14, 2017  
"What comes beyond the standard model?" International School for young scientists «Visions in Fundamental Physics»
Dedicated to the memory of Nikolay Narozhny
"What comes beyond the standard model?"  
Bled, Slovenia Moscow, Russia Bled, Slovenia  




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