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Studies in astroparticle physics reveal fundamental relationship from both theoretical and observational points of views between astrophysics, cosmology, nuclear and particle physics. They involve hundreds of scientific groups linked by national centers and regional networks (like ASPERA/ApPEC in Europe ). The exciting progress in these studies will have impact on the fundamental knowledge of the structure of microscopic world and Universe and on the fundamental physical laws of Nature.
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In the proposal [1] it was suggested to organize a Virtual Institute of Astroparticle Physics (VIA), which can play the role of a unifying and coordinating structure for astroparticle physics. With the initial support of ASPERA, after a series of tests, the activity of the Institute took place on its website starting from the January of 2008.
The development of this activity [2,3] has proven that VIA has evolved into a unique multi-functional complex, combining various forms of collaborative scientific work with programs of education at distance. The positive result of this experience made it possible to integrate VIA into the framework of APC Laboratory as a useful tool for research and education in astroparticle physics with no distance limitations.
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The activity on VIA website includes regular videoconferences with systematic basic courses and high level lectures on various issues of astroparticle physics, participation at distance in various scientific meetings and conferences, library of their records and presentations, a multilingual forum. VIA virtual rooms are open for meetings of scientific groups and for individual work of supervisors with their students.
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You are welcome to join us in all the forms of this activity.
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[1] M. Yu. Khlopov, ``Project of Virtual Institute of Astroparticle Physics,'' arXiv:0801.0376 [astro-ph]
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[2] M. Yu. Khlopov, “ Scientific-educational complex - virtual institute of astroparticle physics”. In: Proceedings to the 11th Workshop “What Comes Beyond the Standard Models” Bled, July 15–25, 2008, Bled Workshops in Physics V. 9, N. 2, PP. 81-86, in e-print: arXiv:0812.0510 [hep-ph] PP. 81-86.
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[3] M.Yu.Khlopov,” Virtual Institute of Astroparticle Physics at BledWorkshop”. In: Proceedings to the 12th Workshop “What Comes Beyond the Standard Models” Bled, July 14–24, 2009, Bled Workshops in Physics V. 10, N. 2, PP. 177-181

Lecture by George Fizgerald Smoot (Astrophysics Nobel Prize 2006).




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