Intermediate control marks 1 for2021

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Intermediate control marks 1 for2021

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Tue 26 Oct 2021 18:34

Dear students,
Following the Chair's request, I must put you intermediate control marks, stimulating your NIRS activity. As I noted at my last seminar, I can hardly put excellent marks, to those, who only started to study the literature, related to their NIRS topic, but your eagerness to help me with my book and enthusiasm n approach to work makes me to give you credit in the form of good mark. Excellent marks are given to those, who have already obtained some results in their NIRS work.
The result is as follows:

B3 students

Айдеков Артур n/a (not appropriate, just taken)

Ashraf Abdalla (has intention to transfer to me at our Chair, but for the moment is under NIRS supervision at Chair 7)

Carnee Wes 4/5

Massalov Kirill 4/5

Monakov Nikita 4/5

Ульмаскулов Эрик n/a (just taken)

Vakulenko Valeriya 4/5

B4 student

Kravtsova Alexandra 5/5

M1 students

Povolotsky Mark 4/5

Sopin Danila 5/5

M2 students

Bikbaev Timur 5/5

Kirichenko Anastasia 5/5

Kovalenko Anastasia n/a

These marks are forwarded to the Chair
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