M.Isi:testing the No-hair theorem in GW150914

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M.Isi:testing the No-hair theorem in GW150914

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Fri 31 May 2019 16:16

VIA lecture by Dr. Maximiliano Isi "Testing the no-hair theorem with GW150914" was given on 31.05.2019. It's presentation is attached and the record is in VIA library
Shantanu: Is no-hair theorem valid for wormholes, naked singularities, firewalls or gravastars( but if you are going to talk about it later then let me know).
Shantanu: What about black star proposed by Tanmay Vachaspati? do they satisfy no -hair theorem
Shantanu: Cecilia: do you know the answer to above question?
Cecilia is also an expert on this subject
Cecilia Chirenti: the angular dependence should actually be given in terms of spheroidal harmonics for Kerr. Are you going to talk about that?
Shantanu: maybe you mentioned this earlier, but how many different modes you typically have for a Kerr black hole (sorry if this was mentioned earlier and I missed it)
Cecilia Chirenti: do you have a model for lower frequency shift for the 1ms contour?
Shantanu: the green contour I believe?
Cecilia Chirenti: how well have we been able to see the ring down in the other GW detections so far?
Shantanu: Assume you find a violation of no-hair theorem is it possible to tell if the violation is because of alternatives to BHs in GR or whether it is because of black holes in alternate gravity theories?

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Presentation of the Maximiliano Isi lecture
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