A.Heffernan: The Self-Force Problem

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A.Heffernan: The Self-Force Problem

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Fri 6 Apr 2018 16:36

VIA lecture by Anna Heffernan "The Self-Force Problem" was given on 06.04.2018. The following commenta and questions were put during it:
Shantanu: Just a meta-question. Are you also going to talk about self-force problem in electrodynamics?
Shantanu: Is there a lot of literature about self-force problem in alternate theories of GR
I don't think I have seen even a single paper on this in such as Brans-Dicke theories etc
Shantanu: what about self-force problem in Einstein-Cartan gravity?
Shantanu: The last question is also to Dirk Puetzfeld
Dirk Puetzfeld: To my knowledge there has not been any works in EC gravity.
Shantanu: Just a comment on previous slide. I believe a year before Detweiler Sazhin in Soviet Union had also proposed the idea. Sazhin's paper was in 1978.
Shantanu: Just a comment on previous slide. I believe a year before Detweiler Sazhin in Soviet Union had also proposed the idea. Sazhin's paper was in 1978
Shantanu: My point was about nano_Hz gravitational waves (not LIGO).
Detweiler's paper which you mention was about nanoHz gravitational waves.
Sazhin's paper was also about that and a year prior to Detweiler.

Shantanu: I presume this is a classical solution. What happens in QED? the solution by Dirac ,that is. or how do you treat radiation reaction in QED? Same questoin to Bernard Whiting also.

Bernard Whiting: Since we are primarily interested in the gravitational problem, We have not focussed on the quantum electrodynamics analysis.. Nevertheless, there should be some similarity between the radiation reaction problem for the self-force situation and for the emission of radiation for, say, the hydrogen atom. Incidently, Detweiler references Sazhin.
Shantanu: Let me ask a dumb question. Why aren't rediation reaction important in LIGO frequency regime? (sorry if you mentioned it earlier and I missed it)

Shantanu: In the 50's and 60s there was a lot of work on cosmological implications of radiation reaction in Electrodynamics by Ehweeler, Feynmann, Hoyle and Narlikar

Shantanu: Is there similar work on cosmological implications of self force problem in GR?
pdf of A.Heffernan's presentation
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