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E.Fishbach:signal in beta decay associated with the GW170817

New postPosted: Fri 9 Feb 2018 17:00
by Maxim Khlopov
VIA leture by Prof. Ephraim Fischbach "Indications of an unexpected signal associated with the GW170817 binary neutron star inspiral" was given on 09.02.2018. It's pdf presentation is attached.
The following questions and comments were made in thediscussion:
Shantanu: There are lot of rebuttals in literature to these claims on oscillations in beta decay rates? Any comments on those? One random paper on this is 1407.2493 (which is on 90 Sr/90 Y)
Shantanu: Is the Chlorine beta decay rate public? for other to analyze these data?
Shantanu: Also could you add these references in this chat or in your slide so that we can read these paper.
Shantanu: In interest of full disclosure I should point out that we have also have a criticism paper. However we have not looked at the Cl data
: arxiv:1801.03236
but its not about Chlorine data.
Shantanu: I would love to look at chlorine data also
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