C.Chirenti: Did GW150914 produce a rotating gravastar?

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C.Chirenti: Did GW150914 produce a rotating gravastar?

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Fri 8 Apr 2016 17:51

VIA lecture by Cecilia Chirenti "Did GW150914 produce a rotating gravastar?" was given on 08.04.2016.
Its record is in the VIA library
The following questions were put in discussion.
Shantanu: Can you say something about related non-singular alternatives to Black holes such as the models by Chapline, Laughlin, Dymnikova etc , which they refer to as "dark energy stars"?
Houri Ziaeepour: What is the progenitor of gravastar`? how can they form ?
David Wiltshire: Question: you said in your extrapolation that you used the same spin parameter as for the Kerr solution. But what if one chose a different spin parameter? Is it impossible to get a fit for another spin?
cole miller: Could you match both the real and imaginary parts of the ringdown frequency with a lower-spin gravastar?
David Wiltshire: If one had another means of determining the exterior geometry then one could say conclusively that it is not a gravastar, but (unfortuntately) that does not appear to be the case. (I helped start this in 2004 but I don't like them!)
Shantanu: maybe a slightly unrelated question (to this talk) and probably other experts can answer this. Given that the measured spin value < 1, a naked singularity is ruled out (or is there a circularity in the reasoning)?
David Wiltshire: Good point: as far as I know the spins of the original black holes is negligible. But the merger phase has its own angular momentum, and that might be a constraint.
Shantanu: just one link (not a question) long time back emil Mottola gvae a nice talk at KITP and you can find the slides online at
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