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M.Rivas: Is General Relativity a restricted theory?

New postPosted: Fri 30 Jan 2015 17:57
by Maxim Khlopov
VIA lecture by Prof. Martin Rivas "Is General Relativity a restricted theory?" was held on 30.01.2015.
It's record is in the VIA library
During the lecture the following questions were put:
Shantanu: what about neutrinos, or does it not apply because it is neutral?
Shantanu: There are extensions to GR which include spin such as Einstein Cartan theory. There have been talks in this very series by Poplawski, Saridakis and Obukhov. In what way is the Finsler space time formalism different than Einstein-Carten theories?
Alex Dias: Can you say something about any other example about effects where the velocity in the metric could be relevant? For example this corrections could be tested in the binary pulsar?
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