S.Vagnozzi:The trouble with Hubble

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S.Vagnozzi:The trouble with Hubble

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Fri 17 Jul 2020 16:33

VIA lecture by Sunny Vagnozzi "The trouble with Hubble" was given on 17.07.2020. It's presentation is attached and the record is here

The following questions were put during this talk.

Shantanu: Are there state of the art H_0 measurements from SZ effect? with comparable errors?
Houri Ziaeepour: Agreement of BAO and CMB as you say comes from the fact that they are not really independent as you mentioned.
Shantanu: A related question. When you measure H_0 from CMB from the equations you presented on the first slides, don't you already assume LCDM?
Houri Ziaeepour: Yes. But BAO is calibrated using CMB.
Houri Ziaeepour: Yes. But best measurement of eta10 is from CMB and you need it for calibrating BBN.
Shantanu: Can you briefly explain the black hole shadows method?
Shantanu: as am not familiar with it
Shantanu: ok so it’s like a "quasi-standard ruler"
Houri Ziaeepour: Has there been any attempt to use lensing method with high redshift QSO ?
Shantanu: Do you have comments on the paper by Sarkar and Rameez that there is no Hubble tension and the problem is with SN redshifts (Mohammed Rameez also gave a talk in this series)
Houri Ziaeepour: Coming back to my previous question, I think measuring H0 at high redshift should help to find a solution.
Houri Ziaeepour: Yes. 5-6. There are many QSO which may be used.
Shantanu: any comments on Nikkodem Poplawski's model that dark matter with a non-zero pressure
O.M. Lecian: how is it possiblle to reconcile slide 42 and slide 35 with the inverse ladder distance and the
sound horizon tension?
Shantanu: can more data from chronometers help (as they are model independent?)?

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Presentation of the talk by S.Vagnozzi
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