Y.Tian:RAR in CLASH Galaxy Clusters

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Y.Tian:RAR in CLASH Galaxy Clusters

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Fri 24 Apr 2020 11:10

VIA lecture by Dr. Yong Tian "The Radial Acceleration Relation in CLASH Galaxy Clusters" was given on 24.04.2020. Its presentation is attached and the record is in VIA libary
The following questions were put during the talk
Shantanu: For ellipticals is the scatter almost same as for spirals, or is it as tight as for spirals?
Shantanu: Has anyone done a study of RAR for galaxy groups?
Shantanu: I am guessing this relation by Inon can be applied to all cluster samples to estimate the stellar mass?
Shantanu: The stellar mass estimate does not include the BCG mass?

Shantanu: You had a semi-analytic model. but can one test this with mock catalogs from Illustrus TNG (or other simulations)? The 2nd question: is there was another paper on this topic simultaneously by Chan and Del Popolo and they did this test not at the same radii but at values of core radius (which are different for different clusters)
Is there any argument on whether we shuld do this test at same radius or different one?
Shantanu: I'd like to draw attention that similar question was discussed by Stacy some time ago and record of his talk is available in VIA library as well as this discussion is available on VIA Forum

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Prsentaation of the lecture by Yong Tian
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