L.Perivolaropoulos: Hints of Modified Gravity?

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L.Perivolaropoulos: Hints of Modified Gravity?

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Fri 24 May 2019 17:20

VIA lecture by Leandros Perivolaropoulos "Hints of Modified Gravity in the Cosmos and in the Lab?" was given on 24.05.2019. Its record and presentation are available in VIA library
The following questions were put and comments made:
Emmanuel Saridakis: Can the same G_eff behavior solve simultaneously sigma_8 and H_0 tension?
Houri Ziaeepour: Comment: Planck data has internal inconsistency. Therefore it is too soon to search for new physics to solve it.
Houri Ziaeepour: Probably the problem comes from modelling of lensing of the LSS.
Houri Ziaeepour: For instance interaction in the dark sector may explain some of inconsistency.
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