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Topics of referats

New postPosted: Thu 16 Sep 2021 21:15
by Maxim Khlopov
Referat corresponds to the question of free choice in exam ticket and any topic linking cosmology and particle physics is welcome. Possible link of probems of cosmoparticle physics to NIRS is especially greeted. Some examples are discussed in
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Discussion of Topics of referats

New postPosted: Fri 24 Sep 2021 10:59
by Maxim Khlopov
The particular question by Artur Semushin of possible topic of his referat, linked to his NIRS, was discussed on 23.09.2021
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It puts forward more general question of experimental cosmoparticle physics - revealing of cosmparticle physics aspects in experimental programs. Such aspects can be direct as collider search for DM particles, but can bear more nontrivial character. In particular, in addition to immediate recommendation to use the enhanced photon-photon scattering in effects of nonequilibrium processes in cosmic rays and gamma background radiation, studied in
E.V.Sedelnikov M.Yu.Khlopov Cosmic rays as an additional source of information about nonequilibrium
processes in the Universe. Yadernaya Fizika (1996) V. 59, PP. 1045-1049. [English translation: Phys.Atom.Nucl. (1996) V. 59, PP.1000-1004 - attached] more interesting link of such enhancement to the composite Higgs boson models and existence of stable multicharged constituents of dark atoms can be revealed.