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Course of Lectures 1 Semester 2018/2019

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by Maxim Khlopov
was given
Lecture 1. Extending the Frontiers of Particle physics.

were given
Lecture 2. Expanding Universe
Lecture 3. Thermodynamics of Universe

Lecture 4. Evolution of Big Bang Universe

The following question was put in discussion
Alex_Gorin: about experimental search of relic neutrinos: what is the status?
were given
Lecture 5. Constraints on particles from Big Bang model

Lecture 6. Mirror and Shadow worlds

The attached list of possible topics of referats was shown.
The following question was put in Discussion:
Kamaletdinov: Можно ли выбрать тему, не представленную среди рекомендуемых, но немножко освещенную? Я бы хотел рассказать о монополях дирака и топологических зарядах.
Any original topic linking cosmology and particle physics is welcome
were given
Lecture 7. Problems of Old Big Bang Scenario

Lecture 8. Inflation

Lecture 9. Baryosynthesis

Lecture 10. Dark Matter/Energy

At this lecture the question was put:
Airat: главное чтобы взаимодействие было короткодействующим, наверное? А не константа взаимодействия?

were given
Lecture 11. Cosmoarcheology
Lecture 12. Nonequilibrium cosmological nucleosynthesis

Lecture 13. Cosmophenomenology of new physics

were given
Lecture 14. New generations of quarks and leptons

Lecture 15. Horizontal unification