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Zhen Cao: LHAASO 1/2 results and construction status

New postPosted: Tue 17 Mar 2020 12:11
by Maxim Khlopov
VIA seminar by Prof. Zhen Cao "Observations with LHAASO-1/2 and the Construction Status" was given on 17.03.2020. Its record is here

The following comments were made after talk:
Werner Hofmann: just wanted to congratulate you to this great instrument and outstanding early data!
Jim Hinton: Indeed - very impressive!
Andrea Addazi: Just a comment: from preliminary estimations, tests of heavy dark matter decays from LHAASO seem very promising
Maxim Khlopov: Physics of dark matter also offers nontrivial possibilities of exotic high energy cosmic ray components. In particular, composite dark matter model predicts existence of multiple charged stable lepton-like constituents. Such particles are searched for at the LHC, but one cannot expect big progress in these searches, since expected increase of statistics cannot strongly improve the lower limits on the mass of such hypothetical particles. On the other hand, destruction of dark atoms (that consist of -2n charged leptons bound with n nuclei of primordial helium) and acceleration of multiple charged stable leptons can lead to specific type of atmospheric showers from such exotic component of cosmic rays, making LHAASO a unique source of information on their existence.
and in discussion:

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