G.Ballesteros:SMASH- unifying inflation, axions, ...

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G.Ballesteros:SMASH- unifying inflation, axions, ...

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Fri 10 Feb 2017 17:35

VIA lecture by Guillermo Ballesteros "SMASH: how to unify inflation with the axion, dark matter, baryogenesis and the see-saw" was given on 10.02.2017. It's presentation is attached and the record is in VIA library
The following questions were put in discussion:
Albino Hernandez: within your approach, are there singlet neutrinos which do not mix with the SM ones?

Houri Ziaeepour: Thank you. A comment ad a question: The mass of axion is in SMASH seems to be in conflict with observations which needs CDM. Question: Can the non-minimal coupling to gravity be effective ?

Alex Dias: Guillermo, Very nice work. Thanks! My question is is: Is it still possible to have inflation in your model for other values of f_A? I mean lower values of f_A? Because the axion could have a large mass.

Houri Ziaeepour: No. It is too light and can be considered as warm DM.

Houri Ziaeepour: There is strong constraint on modified GR. Thus the nonminimal interaction should be an effective effect of interactions.

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Presentation of VIA lecture by Guillermo Ballesteros
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