Paul Frampton:Solution for Dark Matter

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Paul Frampton:Solution for Dark Matter

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Fri 27 Nov 2015 19:29

VIA lecture by Prof. Paul Frampton "Solution for Dark Matter" was given on 27.11.2015;
It's presentation is attached and its record is in VIA library
The following questions were put and comments were made during lecture:

Shantanu: just an unrelated question Paul and and other audience members. What do people think of the recent paper by Kazanas and Christodoulou which argues that from only the galactic rotation curves there is no evidence for dark matter or modified gravity
Anyhow Christodoulou will give a talk on this in January. but wanted to quickly see if people here have any opinions on that paper
Shantanu: Also Zeldovich and Novikov discussed these in 60s I believe.
Shantanu: just a comment. This was also proposed by a student of Lynden-Bell 3 years before Pacyznski, but Lynden-Bell dissuaded her from publishing it, but her calculations are documented in her thesis. Later Prof. Lynden-Bell regretted this. Anyhow it’s only a historical remark. Name of the student is Maria Petrou. I don't know where I can get an electronic copy of here but it should be in Cambridge university libraries. There is a brief discussion of her work in arxiv:1206.1165. But its probably hard to get hold of her thesis.
Arunan: Are those IMBH are primordial black holes?
Shantanu: Maxim: can you point out a reference for the program by Schwartsman?
Shantanu: Can you search for such black holes using Kepler?
I believe there was a paper from Kim Griest's group at UCSD
Satellite which looks for extra solar planets.
Shantanu: but I believe there is a paper from Kim Griest's group which puts a bound on primordial black holes using Kepler,but I dont' know the mass range planets.
Paul Frampton: Many of the appropriate telescopes are presently looking for extrasolar planets
Shantanu: Maxim: But there needs to be a confirmation of DAMA from other experiments
and there is none at the moment
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