D.Marsh: Axion dark matter, solitons, cusp-core problem

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D.Marsh: Axion dark matter, solitons, cusp-core problem

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Fri 27 Mar 2015 18:32

VIA lecture by David J.E.Marsh "Axion dark matter, solitons, and the cusp-core problem" was given on 27.03.2015.
The following questions were put during this lecture:

Shantanu: In old textbooks CDM was defined as something which decouples from interactions with other components when it moves at non-relativistic velocities. Is that definition no longer correct? or no longer general enough?
Shantanu: There have been lots of papers on scalar field or wave like dark matter (including a talk by Andrew Goetz in this series) by many different groups. do all of you come to same conclusion regarding predictions on dwarf galaxy scales?
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PDF file of D.Marsh's presentation
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