G.Bertone:The quest for Dark Matter

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G.Bertone:The quest for Dark Matter

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Thu 5 Feb 2015 13:43

VIA transmission of G.Bertone's talk "The quest for Dark Matter" at APC Colloquium was made on 05.02.2015.
It's record is in VIA library
During the talk the following questions and comments were made by distant participants:
Richard Weiner: What, if anything, is known about the time (after the Big Bang) when DM was created, as compared e.g. with the time when inflation of the electroweak phase transition occured?

Shantanu: In the last few years there are a whole bunch of papers on scalar field dark matter or Bose-Einstein condensate dark matter or Wave Dark matter (where De Broglie wavelength is of order kiloparsecs). What re your thoughts on these models?
(Maxim wrote one of the first papers on this class of models way back in 1985)
Presentation by G.Bertone at APC Colloquium
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