Lijing Shao:Universality of free fall towards dark matter

Modern cosmology inevitably involves physics, which is not described by the standard model of elementary particles. The particle physics models, presenting possible candidates for dark matter and physical basis for dark energy, inflation and baryosynthesis, or leading to cosmological consequences are the subjects of this topic.

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Lijing Shao:Universality of free fall towards dark matter

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Fri 14 Sep 2018 12:21

VIA lecture by Dr. Lijing Shao "Testing the universality of free fall towards dark matter with radio pulsars" was given on 14.09.2018. Its presentation is attached and the record is in VIA library
The following questions and comments were adressed during it in discussion.
Shantanu: Martin Ryle shared it with Hewish for aperture synthesis (not for pulsars)
Shantanu: sorry I am confused about previous slide. Free fall of what and what is gravitational field? Gravitational field of dark matter? Do A and B refer to pulsars and Earth?
Shantanu: Is contribution from M31 important?
Shantanu: I presume you cannot do this test with single (isolated) pulsars right? (You can answer this later if you wish)
Shantanu: But you have good data for proper motion and velocities of pulsars, no? So you cannot measure accelerations from them from this?
Shantanu: what would be the observational signature if there was a violation of strong equivalence principle for PSR J1713?
Shantanu: In general: are most pulsars located in dark matter dominated regions of our galaxy?
Shantanu: Can you find any signature for double neutron star binaries (such as PSR1913+B16) which you would happen if one of the two neutron stars has a different composition? i.e. if there is violation of strong equivalence principle?
Shantanu: Also there are other talks on equivalence principle in the VIA lecture library on VIA website

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Presentation by Lijing Shao
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