David Jacobs "Macro Dark Matter"

Modern cosmology inevitably involves physics, which is not described by the standard model of elementary particles. The particle physics models, presenting possible candidates for dark matter and physical basis for dark energy, inflation and baryosynthesis, or leading to cosmological consequences are the subjects of this topic.

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David Jacobs "Macro Dark Matter"

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Tue 2 Dec 2014 19:02

VIA lecture by David Jacobs "Macro Dark Matter" took place 10.00 Paris time on Friday 28 November 2014. It's record is in our library
The following questions were put forward during the lecture and after it:
Richard Weiner: Are we sure that quantum physics applies for macroscopic objects? I am asking with respect to your dark objects.
Richard Weiner: You referred to the standard model, is formation of such objects is possible in its framework?

HermanoVelten: About the large scale (background) dynamics of your model, is it exactly as typical CDM? In principle, it obeys the same hypothesis, i.e., pressure less and non-interacting.

Eduardo Guendelman: The hypothesis that the cross section is independent of the mass may be wrong, since as the mass gets bigger the objects get bigger and therefore the cross section

David Jacobs: Hi Eduardo. I think we've probed the range of cross sections and mass so we've included the possibility that they are dependent. By considering them to be independent we've been more general. Objects of constant density (but varying mass and size) appear as straight lines in our plots.

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