A.Rivero:Koide formula beyond charged leptons

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A.Rivero:Koide formula beyond charged leptons

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Mon 6 Oct 2014 14:35

VIA lecture by A.Rivero "Koide formula beyond charged leptons" took place on 03.10.2014
It's record is in VIA library
During the Lecture and Discussion the following comments were made and questions put:

Shantanu: Can you explain how sqrt(M) can have negative sign? I missed it
in prevous slide.
Shantanu: just so I understand, in the first iteration mc =m3 and mt and mb are m1 and m2?
Alejandro Rivero: S4 is the group of permutations of the axis of the cube
Alejandro Rivero: electron and muon as inputs

Alejandro Rivero: "gigo"= "garbage in, garbage out"

Richard Weiner: If the Koide formula is more than numerology, then probably because it relates masses of fermions, which are characterized by conserved quantum numbers which are probably of topological nature. Did somebody consider this relationship?

Shantanu: can you briefly summarize the Koide relation for neutrinos? Or just go back to the slide where this reference is provided

Houri Ziaeepour: Can Koide formula and its extension can be due to excitation of a more fundamental state rather than composition ?

Albino Hernandez: is there any preferred gauge family symmetry behind Koide's equation?

Shantanu: Related question to Albino. Do any popular beyond standard model theories (which are been tested at LHC) predict the Koide relation? Basically, any variants of supersymmetry etc?
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