The Casimir effect

Modern cosmology inevitably involves physics, which is not described by the standard model of elementary particles. The particle physics models, presenting possible candidates for dark matter and physical basis for dark energy, inflation and baryosynthesis, or leading to cosmological consequences are the subjects of this topic.

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The Casimir effect

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Tue 3 Apr 2012 15:15

VIA lecture by V.M.Mostepanenko
"The Casimir effect: from nanotechnology to physics of the Universe."
The following questions were put in Discussion:
Claudio Coriano:are there going to be other experiments anytime soon?
Fabo Feng 2:Are there any difference between post-Newton correction and Yukawa correction?
Richard Weiner:One might have the impression that the disagreement between the Lifshitz theory including connductivity and those which negelct it prove that either the Casimir effect in solid state physics or the conductivity effect is really not quite understood. Is this correct?
Richard Weiner:What about astrophysics applications of the Casimir effect?
Richard Weiner:Aren't these effects affected by your argument for solid state physics?
The answers to these questions in the record
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