Cosmology and LHC

Modern cosmology inevitably involves physics, which is not described by the standard model of elementary particles. The particle physics models, presenting possible candidates for dark matter and physical basis for dark energy, inflation and baryosynthesis, or leading to cosmological consequences are the subjects of this topic.

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Cosmology and LHC

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Thu 23 Apr 2009 19:28

Record of VIA lecture by John Ellis, which he gave, staying in his office in CERN, to participants of XIII Gran Sasso Summer Institute on Astroparticle physics (Gran Sasso, Italy)
You can find this record, when enter the list of speakers.
Questions to John Ellis (see answers in the record of his lecture)
Belotsky Konstantin (MIFI, Cosmion, Moscow, Russia):if there is another vacuum minimum, is it supposed that it has a negative energy ?
Maxim Yu.Khlopov:Which role in Higgs stabilization can play new quarks and/or leptons? Stabilizing or destabilizing?
Sergei Rubin (MIFI, Cosmion, Moscow, Russia):Could you give expert estimation to discover SUSY at LHC
Belotsky Konstantin (MIFI, Cosmion, Moscow, Russia):and Higgs
Maxim Yu.Khlopov:Can we have high energy minimum degenerated with EW minimum and is it in agreement with light Higgs constraint?
Sergei Rubin (MIFI, Cosmion, Moscow, Russia):And what about extra dimensions at LHC?
Maxim Yu.Khlopov:What do you think about SUSY dark matter in the light of DAMA result (in combination with CDMS constraint)?
Maxim Yu.Khlopov:Please answer Sergei Rubin
Sergei Rubin (MIFI, Cosmion, Moscow, Russia):Thank you for this number
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