SimbolX (language UK)

SimbolX (language UK)

New postby Didier Vladimir on Thu 4 Dec 2008 10:10

Simbol-X will operate in the ~ 0.5–100 keV energy range. Relying on two spacecrafts in a formation flying configuration, Simbol–X uses for the first time a 20 m focal length X–ray mirror to focus X–rays with energy above 10 keV. The result is over two orders of magnitude improvement in angular resolution and sensitivity in the hard X–ray range with respect to non-focusing techniques.

The Simbol-X revolutionary instrumental capabilities will allow us to elucidate outstanding questions in high energy astrophysics such as those related to black-holes accretion physics and census, and to particle acceleration mechanisms, which are the prime science objectives of the mission.

After having undergone a thorough assessment study performed by CNES in the context of a selection of a formation flying scientific mission, Simbol-X has been selected for a phase A study to be jointly conducted by CNES and ASI.

On going system studies are now in phase B.
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