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Open M2 course 2022 on Cosmoparticle physics

New postPosted: Tue 8 Feb 2022 15:38
by Maxim Khlopov
The Open course on Cosmoparticle physics 2022 is aimed for M2 students of NRNU MEPHI, specialized in cosmoparticle physics. It continues the 1 semester course Introduction to cosmoparticle physics and is accomplished by lectures by Prof. D.V.Semikoz on multimessenger astronomy. It is assumed that the participants of this course by choice continue their work on English small thesis. The course timetable is tentatively as follows:
09.02.2022 will be given
by M.Khlopov 09.20 -11.45 Moscow time
Lecture 1. Extending frontiers of particle physics
Lecture 2. Inflation, baryosynthesis dark matter/energy and BSM Physics
and by D.Semikoz 11.55 - 14.20
Lecture 1S. Multimessenger astronomy and cosmic rays
by M.Khlopov 09.20 -11.45 Moscow time
Lecture 3. Cosmoarcheology (cosmological probes for particle physics)
Lecture 4. Cosmophenomenology of new physics
by D.Semikoz 11.55 - 14.20
lecture 2S. Gamma ray astronomy
by M.Khlopov 09.20 -11.45 Moscow time
Lecture 5. Dark Matter searches
Lecture 6. Dark atom solution for puzzles of dark matter searches
by D.Semikoz 11.55 - 14.20
Lecture 3S Neutrino astrophysics
by D.Semikoz 09.20 - 14.20 Moscow time
Lecture 4S. Multimessenger astronomy and Gravitational waves
09.20 -11.45 Moscow time
by M.Khlopov Lecture 7. Cosmoparticle physics: fundamental relationship of cosmology and particle physics
11.55 - 13.20
Lecture 8. Brane world cosmology and modified gravity
13.20-14.20 Discussion of small thesises

The course will be given in M.Khlopov's Zoom ... RKYW1Ydz09
Meeting ID 442 094 0189
pass code (if required) 628661

You are welcome