Galactic Recycling Theory

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Galactic Recycling Theory

New postby Victor2009 on Sun 31 May 2009 12:33

White holes are the opposite of black holes in the universe. Everything swallowed by black holes, comes out of white holes. There is a white hole at the center of each star and planet in our galaxy. Everything swallowed by our galaxy's central black hole. Comes back out through billions of white holes, that are inside all of the stars and planets in our Galaxy. Our galaxy's central black hole is not only swallowing stars and planets. It also has a feedback process. It is feeding the stars and planets. But it doesn't feed back more than it swallows, nesesery mass quantity to function as black hole is maintained.

White holes pop up in proper spots all around the galaxy. Some become stars others become planets.

The earth, sun and stars constantly grow, as matter and energy flows out of the white holes, that are within them, thats why they are constantly increasing in mass from the inside.

Even the molecules of life are recycled this way.

The elements and building block of life pass thru our galaxy's central black hole and reappear inside our galaxy's planets. Our galaxy's central black is recycling life and everything needed to sustain that life in in our galaxy.
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