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OPERA vs Maxwell and Einstein

New postPosted: Wed 9 Nov 2011 16:33
by Maxim Khlopov
Record of VIA lecture by John Ellis "OPERA vs Maxwell and Einstein" is available:
For the first time the limit of participants was reached and late participants couldn't enter the virtual room.
Those, who were lucky, participated in discussion, in which the following questions were put:
Konstantin Belotsky (MEPhI, Moscow):Is the result of OPERA averaged over neutrino energy spectrum?
Albino Hernandez (Mexico):Is there any way to discriminate between Dirac or Majorana nature of neutrinos from OPERA experiment?
Houri Ziaeepour (UK):If the OPERA results are not due to errors, is there any model that explain the null results from ICARUS?
Richard Weiner (Germany):Didn't the "superluminal" searches of Opera delay the searches for neutrino oscillations, for which the experiment was initially conceived?
Those who couldn't enter the room, or missed this VIA talk, can now watch the record, register on our Forum (please don't use any nickname, just put your name and affiliation) and continue discussion of this exciting topic.
In order to avoid in future saturation of virtual rooms, we are happy to inform that we have acquired a new virtual room, in which there is practically no upper limit for the number of participants.