Study of the neutrino mass in a double beta-decay

This elusive particle gives may be the first experimental evidences for physics beyond the standard model. Neutrino mass and oscillations, their theory and experimental study are to be discussed here. All the aspects of neutrino physics and astrophysics, related with the problems of cosmological and astrophysical studies of new physics are welcome to discuss.

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Study of the neutrino mass in a double beta-decay

New postby Maxim Khlopov on Mon 28 Mar 2011 11:55

The scanned version of an early paper
Ya.B.Zeldovich and M.Yu.Khlopov
Study of the neutrino mass in a double beta-decay.
Pis'ma v ZhETF (1981), V.54, PP. 128-151.
[English translation: JETP Lett. (1981) V.34, no.3, PP. 141-145]
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