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Neutrinos in Universe

New postPosted: Fri 10 Apr 2009 15:51
by Maxim Khlopov
Emergent electroweak gravity from Relic neutrino liquid in VIA lecture by Bob McErlath

Re: Neutrinos in Universe

New postPosted: Wed 15 Apr 2009 18:17
by Maxim Khlopov
This is the copy of discussion in chat at VIA lecture by Bob McErlath on 27 march 2009
Richard Weiner:What happens with black holes in the non-gravitational schme postulated in your introduction?
Bob McElrath:E=M_Z^2/p_F
Richard Weiner:If black holes are circumvented, what explains the Chandrasekhar limit for white dewarfs?
Richard Weiner:yes
Slava Lee:You told us about wave packets of neutrino at the beginning of your lecture. They are constructed in quantum mechanics way with Gaussian forms. But you use standard lagrangian in quantum field theory. How it might be QM and QFT in the one consideration?
Richard Weiner:What are the cosmological experimental signatures of the neutrino fluid besides darki matter?
Slava Lee:yes they are localized
Slava Lee:ok, thanks. Another my quastion is about to evaluation of number density of relic neutrinos before and after decoupling. Please could you explain why eta = n_nu – nu_\bar\nu ~ 10^-10 ?
konstantin b.:do i correctly understand that Universe expansion makes neutrino background being quantum liquid (as if some non-adiabatic process)? and Cooper pair are formed from neutrino-neutrino or neutrino-antineutrino? The last has attractive potential as i understand
Richard Weiner:I found the talk very interesting.
Albino Hernandez:Thank you all
Bob McElrath:thank you
liw wong:THANK YOU A LOT
konstantin b.:thank you
Slava Lee:Thank you
khamis:thanks v.intersting
khamis:we need more
konstantin b.:yes
Bob McElrath:I'm happy to answer more questions if there are more.